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प्रथम आव्हान अन्तर्गतका आयोजनाहरु

Project Ref.  No.
Project Title Project Location Lead Institution and Partners Project Duration Approved Budget (NRs.) Project Type Beneficiaries

Improvement in post harvest handling and ripening of banana 

Kailali, Kanchanpur Nepal Horticultural Promotion Center, Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

 3 yrs (Nov 2003 –Oct 2006)

20,73,500 Research DB – 90 Farmer Households + 30 Traders

Development and dissemination of honey production technology

Chitwan, Dang, Nawalparasi IAAS Rampur, Chitwan,   Beekeeping Training and Research Center, Chitwan,      Farmers, Beekeepers and xtension Workers.

2 yrs 6 months (Nov 2003 –June 2006)

17,21,550 Research & Development DB – 75 Qualified Beekeepers developed

Improvement in the fruits set of brinjal and chillies.  

Banke, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Surkhet, Dang IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan

3 yrs (Nov 2003 –Nov 2006)

21,16,000 Research Commercial & semi-commercial vegetable growers + subsistence farmers of Mid +FWDR

Addressing food security through the identification of farmer preferred crop varieties and by strengthening local  seed supply system in the rural communities of western Nepal

Tanahun (Kota & Baidi VDCs)

FORWARD, Kshetrapur, Chitwan

3 yrs (Oct 2003 –Sept 2006)

28,58,000 Research & Development

DB – 200 Farmer HHs + 8 Local shopkeepers;

IB – 1200 Farmer HHs – Indirect Beneficiaries
105 Study on the improvement of productivity and production of oilseed crops through integrated crop management practices in the mid-Western region of Nepal. Banke (Kachanapur VDC) & Surkhet (Latikuili VDC) FORWARD, Kshetrapur, Chitwan

3 yrs (Oct 2003 –Sept 2006)

21,46,800 Research & Development DB – 450 Farmer HHs; IB – 1000 Farmer HHs 

Shiitake mushroom production through entrepreneurship development of hill farmers.           

Bhaktapur (Dadhikot VDC), Nuwakot (KakaniVDC) & Kaski (Phumdi Bhumdi VDC)

Agriculture Technology Center, Bijeswori, Kathmandu

3 yrs (Aug 2003 –July 2006)

18,50,988 Research & Development

DB –Kakani – 17 Farmers; Dadhikot – 16 Farmers,  Kaski – 30 Farmers

107 Improvement of vegetable marketing system through farmer's co-operatives in Chitwan and Dhading districts of Nepal. Chitwan (Fulbari & Surkarnagar VDCs) & Dhading (Malekhu VDC) Ecological Service Center, Bharatpur-2, Chitwan

3 yrs (Nov 2003 –Oct 2006)

15,95,463 Development

DB – 120 Farmer HHs; IB – 360 Farmer HHs 


Identification of commercial agricultural opportunities for farmers within New Hile Bhojpur road corridor.

Dhankuta  (Pakhribas & Muga VDCs) Bhojpur (Jarayotar VDC)

RARC, Pakhribas, Rural Access Programme [RAP] Nepal. DADO Dhankuta   District Forest Office Bhankuta,  SOLVE Nepal, PARDEP Nepal

3 yrs (Nov 2003 –Oct 2006)

17,60,110 Development DB – 100 Farmer HHs of 13 VDCs residing within 6 km influence zone of Hile- Bhojpur road network

Understanding of potential and critical constraints of marketing of goats in the western hills of Nepal.

Kaski (ARC Lumle & its Command Area) Gorkha, Lamjung, Tanahu, Kaski, Syangja, Palpa, Argakhachi, Gulmi, Baglung, Parbat, Myagdi

Agriculture Research Center (ASC), Lumle, Kaski

1 yr (Nov 2003 –Oct 2004)

5,27,563 Research IB – Goat Raising Farmers + Retailers + Consumers in the Western Hills

Improving livelihoods of resource poor farmers through on-farm seed priming in western hills of Nepal.

Gorkha, Mygdi, Palpa, Lamjung, Tanahu, Parbat ASC, Lumle, DADO Gorkha, DADO Myagdi, DADO Palpa, LI-BIRD Pokhara, NMRP, Rampur, NGLRP Rampur

2 yrs 4 months (Aug 2003 –Dec 2005)

10,67,200 Research & Development DB – 162 Farmer HHs – DB + Other Farmers through participation

Increase the income, nutrition and food security of hill farmers through introducing the French bean in maize based cropping system.

Kaski (ARS Lumle), Palpa, Myagdi

ARC, Lumle, DADO Palpa, DADO Myagdi

2 yrs (Feb 2004 –
Jan 2006)
8,27,885 Research & Development Vegetable growing Hill Farmers + marketing traders & entrepreneurs
112 Development of technologies for year round production of cucumber in the hills of Nepal. Kaski (ARS Lumle), Palpa, Myagdi ARC, Lumle 2 yrs (Jan 2004 –
Dec 2006)
18,64,150 Research & Development Cucumber growing farmers in the selected districts

Development of nutrient management strategies to improve the productivity of Pakhribas pig.

Dhankuta (Mulghat & Pakhribas VDCs) & Terhathum (Basantapur VDC)

ARC, Pakhribas

2 yrs 10 months (Dec 2003 –Sept 2006)

19,73,837 Research & Development Pig raising Farmers of the Eastern Hills
114 Promotion of integrated wilt management technology on lentil, chick pea and pigeon pea in the mid and far western terai of Nepal. Banke, Bardia, Dang, Kanchanpur

NGLRP, Rampur, Chitwan, DADO Banke, DADO Bardia, DADO Dang, DADO Kanchanpur

 2 yrs 11 months (Aug 2003 –June 2006)

15,19,265 Research & Development IB – 1000 Farmer HHs

Exploring formation of well organized marketing co-operatives in Jumla and Dailekh through federation of farmers groups and small co-operatives for commercial production and export marketing of apple and oranges respectively.

Jumla (Mahat gaun VDC) & Dailekh (Dullu, Kalbhairab, Narayan N.P., Gamaudi VDCs)

RCDA, Kathmandu, DADO Jumla, DADO Dailekh and  Regional Agriculture Directorate

2 yrs 5 months (Nov 2003 –March 2006)

19,01,806 Development DB – 200 Farmer HHs




































































DB - Direct Beneficiaries; IB - Indirect Beneficiaries